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Quality food for a quality life

Enrich people’s life with quality food. Seijo Ishii travels Japan and the world to discover and create products that are delicious, high quality, safe and reliable. We offer the best products to bring joy of eating to our customers. We qualify ourselves as “food-lifestyle supermarket” because we believe in a society that is overflowing with happiness by providing people with carefully selected food.

Meeting the expectations of our customers

We always focus on providing products which meet our customer’s needs and even beyond their expectations ahead of time. By valuing every customer’s voice, we have been able to create the products from customer’s point of view.
Seijo Ishii has been literally grown up by our valued customers. Seijo Ishii’s own purchase and sales network enables us to supply best products at reasonable prices. Since the establishment in 1927, continual effort to realize high level of satisfaction of the customers has been made by each staff and it led to enhanced Seijo Ishii’s brand today. We always learn and continue to grow every day in order to meet customers’ expectations.

Akihiko Hara President

Working with professionals in all fields
to create something new

Seijo Ishii develops original products to meet customers’ high expectations of finding something new and delicious at Seijo Ishii that they cannot find anywhere else in the world. When we cannot source products that meet their expectations, we work with experienced food professionals to make the products ourselves that we envision.

Seijo Ishii milk
– keeping the fresh taste

Customers who find the typical odor of milk unpleasant, prefer Seijo Ishii milk, because our milk does not have the odor and keeps fresh taste. The typical milk odor comes from pasteurization at high temperature during production. In addition, the only fresh milk that we use comes from dairy farmers in Azumino, Nagano Prefecture who produce the high quality milk required for low temperature pasteurization.

Taste is the top priority
– Seijo Ishii’s Kishu nankobai plums, “Umemiraku”

The best plums come from Kisyu (Wakayama Prefecture), accounting for more than half of all the plums produced in Japan. Seijo Ishii only selects the best quality and sized plums from Kisyu. Nankobai plums are large and have a lot of flesh with thin skins and small pits. We pickle the plums with Astragalus honey, resulting in a pickled plum with sweetness of honey and a fresh sour finish. These pickled plums only contain about five percent salt, so they are also suitable for people watching their salt intake.

“desica” series
– the best of best collection of Seijo Ishii

A new original series “desica”, which stands for “Delights Seijo Ishii Chef Approved”, was launched to celebrate the 90th anniversary of Seijo Ishii. It is the testament to the superior quality and full of delight that can only be delivered by Seijo Ishii. This was made possible by the technique of the chefs and procurement skill of the buyers, as well as the help of our trusted manufacturing partners. This collaboration allowed us to offer our signature recipe to customers who did not have easy access to our stores.

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Established February, 1927
Capital 100 million yen
Representative Akihiko Hara, President
Business Field Supermarkets, import, wholesales, food production, restaurants
Head Office 5F Yokohama Nishiguchi Kato Bldg,
2-9-30 Kitasaiwai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa

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In 1927, Seijo Ishii started its business as a grocery store selling fruits, canned goods and snacks in Seijo, Tokyo – an area known for its rich culture. To meet the needs of our customers, our lineup expanded constantly, such as wine, cheese, pre-cooked foods, and grocery items, and in 1976, we were reborn as a supermarket.
Today, with over 170 stores, we build a good relationship with our customers. They know that if they come to Seijo Ishii, they can find new products and buy the finest foods at reasonable prices. Seijo Ishii will continue to be a supermarket that prioritizes customer needs.

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